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Gifts for all ages: give a subscription for Golwg, Chwys, Lingo Newydd or Wcw a’i Ffrindiau as a gift.

Cloriau cylchgrawn Golwg

Golwg magazine

Wales’s weekly news and current affairs magazine, with original features, arts, sports, columnists and more. Includes Golwg+.

Dyfeisiau yn dangos Golwg+


All the articles from Golwg magazine available to read on your phone, tablet or computer, whenever and wherever you like.

Cloriau cylchgrawn Lingo Newydd

Lingo Newydd

Are you learning Welsh? This is the magazine for you. Colour coded articles to help you to read, plus audio versions in our app.

Cloriau cylchgrawn Wcw a’i Ffrindiau

Wcw a’i Ffrindiau

A colourful comic for children aged 3–7, featuring well-known characters like Sali Mali, Rwdlan, Ben Dant and Dona Direidi.